Owl’s Head mountain, the new disorienting interactive adventure

Owl’s Head mountain, the new disorienting interactive adventure

Known for its panoramic experience and its spectacular ascents, the Owl’s Head mountain turned to our team to reconnect with a hyperconnected customer base.

In perfect harmony with the establishment’s visionary project, NOAN, our interactive platform, provides visitors with a comprehensive digital experience.

With its capability to be compatible with any type of transmissions, NOAN allows you to disseminate information and news as instantly as a single click.

  • Propose a range of activities each more intriguing than the others;
  • Accommodate the visitors by facilitating their access to the site’s plans;
  • Get the attention of the audience with amazing, or even promotional, videos;
  • Remind the important times and moments of the day;
  • Share the story of the establishment or even the latest news.

And all of this, in a dynamic, interactive and planned way.

As evolutive as customizable, the platform adapts, adjusts and shapes itself, always according to the needs of the guests and customers, but also according to your tastes. Indeed, with NOAN, it is possible to disseminate the right message, at the right time and in the right way!

Numbers speak for themselves

  • 78% of the interviewees find that on-screen advertisement captures the attention (AMCA study)
  • 56% of the interviewees think that on-screen advertisement is informative (GAOA study)
  • 79% % of the interviewees think the dynamic display reduces the feeling of waiting (POPAI study)

Don’t wait any longer! With NOAN, offer the best digital experience ever to your guests.

Contact us today so that we can guide throughout this new adventure!

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