Monsieur Jean, the special host with bluish atmospheres.

Monsieur Jean, the special host with bluish atmospheres.

Located in the heart of Old Quebec, a few steps from some of the marvels of Québec (Château Frontenac, Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Place Royale…) and cradled by the majestic St. Lawrence River, Monsieur Jean, a charming and chic hotel, took full advantage of its dynamic and interactive potential.

Being able to provide his guests with advanced and customized functionalities was fulfilling the wish of Monsieur Jean to offer a memorable experience and unmatched comfort to his customers.

With NOAN, an interactive concierge developed by our team, Monsieur Jean offers a high level of connectivity and service to his guests.

In an interactive environment, our NOAN IPTV solution provides each room with a system featuring TV control functions, full access to the services and amenities of the hotel, and Internet watching and browsing capabilities, for a “lean back” viewing experience and a higher level of comfort.

NOAN also makes available to the hoteliers a messaging tool, which allows them to contact the guests, in a less intrusive manner.


By leveraging the WiFi connection of a room, guests can also broadcast their own content from their smart devices on the room’s television instantly.

Much more than a customizable platform, the NOAN integrated Web browser also allows the broadcasting of popular content such as Netflix or even Youtube, as well as Internet access on the big screen.

NOAN helps you guarantee a sophisticated and connected experience to your hotel while meeting the needs of your customers when it comes to trips and discoveries.


Contact us today so that we can guide you throughout this new digital adventure!

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