They trust us

Because our seniors
have a future!

Evan Generation is a cloud platform specially designed for seniors in RPA, offering a user-friendly and intuitive interactive experience.

With features such as video calling, messaging, photo and video sharing, as well as enriching educational content, Evan Generation promotes their well-being and fulfillment.

patient care

Thanks to Evan Hôpital, we’re transforming the hospital environment into a place conducive to education, awareness-raising and improving patient care.

Essential support for caregivers

Evan provides real support for caregivers in their day-to-day work. Thanks to telemedicine, Evan simplifies medical follow-up, improves medical team coordination and enables caregivers to focus on what’s most important: providing quality care to their patients.

Find out how Evan Hôpital supports caregivers by improving their working conditions.

Blog: Innovation in healthcare

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