“This is not the hotel that adapts to Noan. This is Noan which adapts to your hotel”


Noan is a unique platform which offers multiple customization opportunities! Hotel keepers get a complete digital solution which is flexible, user friendly, powerful and cost-effective.

In The Rooms

Each customer is cordially welcomed in their room with a customized welcome message.

Offer the best in entertainment by broadcasting a wide range of TV channels, radio stations and applications

Noan gives them all the information available about your hotel. Thus, they can enjoy the services provided and increase their shopping cart.

Gone are the leaflets that get lost! Noan allows your customers to enjoy local attractions around the hotel.

Mirroring Option

An environment liked by the hyper-connected generations


Guests like to entertain themselves with the devices and applications they use every day. Don’t change their entertainment! In your hotel like at home, allow them to watch their videos and photos directly on the television

In Common Spaces




In the lobby, at the restaurant or in front of the meeting rooms, screens provide all the essential information. By using video formats, texts, RSS and images, keep your customers informed 7 days a week by displaying your calendars and the program of the current events.


In common areas, on interactive and touch kiosks, our platforms give you several opportunities to generate additional revenues.

Mobile Solution


From the kiosk to the smartphone, there is only one step!


Modern travelers use their mobile during every step of their trip. The experience continues at the doors of your hotel!


Send a welcome text message to your guests as soon as they arrive. The mobile Noan application also allows them to know all the services of your establishment and to communicate with your staff efficiently.