Our Values


Each of our values reflects what guides us in achieving our mission: to improve the quality of patient experience and to contribute to new standards of care, treatment and comfort in hospitals and seniors’ homes.

Social Impact


We put our hearts into our work to create an experience that improves the lives of patients, residents and their loved ones every day.

The power of knowledge


We develop intuitive solutions that make education accessible to everyone, regardless of age, pathology or disability.

Acting today for tomorrow


Every day, we shape a better way of life for patients and seniors. We develop high-value platforms where innovation is the result of the collective effort of our team.

AzurDEV, Notre Mission | Our Mission

Cédric Piasco, co-founder & CEO

Our History


AzurDEV is a family business founded in 2017 by Cedric Piasco and Myriam Occhiolini located in the heart of Montreal. We specialize in the development of interactive platforms (PaaS) for healthcare institutions. Since its inception, our Evan solution has had a mission to address three major problems centered around the human:


  • Isolated patients suffering from loneliness and depression


  • Overworked staff and overburdened hospitals can no longer manage the flow of visitors


  • Patients who are overwhelmed or lack confidence and don’t really understand their condition.


We work together with a common goal: to build the health of tomorrow by putting education and people at the center of it. Our purpose is integral to the value we create as a company and serves as a common foundation for our business.

Our Philosophy


We believe that a company with an inspiring vision, a people-oriented management philosophy and strong values is the best way to meet the expectations of our employees. By always listening to our customers, we constantly seek to improve our solution and foster a culture of innovation to ensure the continuous development of new value-added services.


We believe that collaboration, solidarity and teamwork are the key ingredients for success in the healthcare industry. This philosophy is the foundation of our corporate culture and the principles that guide us as we move forward.

AzurDEV, Notre Mission | Our Mission

Myriam Occhiolini, co-founder & COO

Our Expertise


Our multidisciplinary team excels at meeting the demanding challenges of our healthcare system. The company uses a proactive approach that optimizes the understanding and quality of execution of the projects we work on.


Our mission is to develop innovative solutions with high social impact.


We listen to our customers 24/7/365 in order to respond to their needs in the shortest possible time.


Our team of developers offers a wide range of skills to ensure the success of your technological projects.

Awards & Mentorship

AzurDEV, Notre Mission
AzurDEV, Notre Mission
AzurDEV, Notre Mission
AzurDEV, Notre Mission

We combine experience and technological innovation to achieve lasting results and build trust between patients and caregivers.